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OPINION|| Black People Have Colonial Laws Imposed Upon Them More Than Any Race

The purpose of Rules, and Laws is to make humans conduct themselves in a certain way. And how far/deep a human can venture life depends on the rules set upon them.

Before I can single out any race, let me acknowledge that all race abide by certain rules and laws. But black people as people still have some colonial laws imposed upon them, they're limited by more laws and rules than any other race, hence the law paced progress.

Laws of the country are compulsory to everyone living in that particular county, but cultural, traditional, and religious doctrines are the laws people voluntarily impose upon their own lives as individuals, depending on the family structure.

Religion has its own laws, and as an introduced concept in Africa, it contradicts and conflicts with some laws derived from african tradition.

Please understand that culture is a learned behaviour, and tradition is what connect us to our roots.

So, black people limit themselves by trying to accommodate all these laws/rules in their own lives at once, instead of singling out what works for them, and let go of everything else.

Before the law of the country (compulsory colonial laws to everyone), there are more and more black people who limit themselves by mixing religious laws, and laws informed by tradition [ wanting to fullfil religious, and traditional laws at same time].

So, since many believes mordenity is adopting white culture as black people, not knowing what is culture to black people, it's tradition to white people.

So, in times of marriage, you find a single black couple getting married twice. They host a white wedding which is informed by white tradition. Then host another wedding, which is informed by their own tradition. Marriage is the oldest African tradition, it's the wedding which is an introduced concept.

The desire to fulfill all these laws, and rules weighing on the shoulders of black people is what makes their lives seem so complicated.

Life is about choices, rather take the rules of your colonial masters, solely abide by them and live proudly as a lost generation, than to transform a cameleon doing rounds around one place with the fantasies of going forward.

Or burn the Bible, abide by rules informed by African tradition, and if you're truly black person, you'll feel a heavy burden getting lifted off your shoulders.

The reason why this life is showing y'all flames is because you're taking the long distance, you first learn to perfect white people lives, before you could follow your own dreams.


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