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Meet 4 Dangerous Kids Were Sentenced To Life Imprisonment And The Crimes They Commited

Do you know of any young people in your community who are currently serving a prison sentence of any kind? Even if you don't want to cry, the harrowing situation of these youngsters will move you to do so.

Because of this, even children as young as 10 can be punished and sentenced to life in jail if the crime is serious enough. For now, let's look at some young people who were given life sentences at a young age and have spent the most of their lives behind bars, never understanding the true meaning of freedom.

Some of these young people carried out murders, and their parents had no way to protect them from the heavy hand of the state. For the most part, they've grown up in prison and some of them are in their 80s or 90s. Because they began killing at a young age, the only way to stop them is to place them in a jail facility.

The following are the names of the four children who were convicted and sentenced to life in prison:

1. Tate Lionel

When it came to life in prison, Lionel Alexander Tate was the youngest U.S. citizen ever. Despite being just 13 years old at the time, he had already been convicted of the murder of Tiffany Eunick, a 6 year old girl.

He's thirty-four years old and still serving a life sentence for the crime he committed.

2. Brian Lee Draper

Draper was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his high school classmate Cassey. Draper was arrested and accused with murder after allegedly stabbing a little girl 29 times.

After nearly his entire life in prison, this is what Brian Lee looks like today.

3. Joshua Phillips

Joshua was 14 when he was arrested for the first-grade murder of his 8-year-old next-door neighbor, whom he stabbed to death.

After serving nearly his entire life in prison, Joshua Phillips has developed this appearance.

4. Eric Smith.

Smit Eric, then 13, was convicted of the murder of a four-year-old kid and executed for his crimes.

After many years in prison, this is what Smith looks like.

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