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Not All Indians Are Bad - Meet An Indian Man Who Has Been Helping SA By Donating Billions Of Rands

"Not All Indians Are Bad"- Meet An Indian Man Who Has Been Helping SA By Donating Millions Of Rands

It is No longer a hidden thing that south Africans has already labeled Indians as bad entity in south Africa, this is because of the recent incident which took place where innocent black south Africans were killed in Phoenix by some group of Racist indians, the event was hazardous it hurt south Africans and they Demand immediate justice, all those Racist indians who involved in the death of innocent south Africans should be brought to justice, we can say right now south Africans are not in good terms with any Nationals from India south Africans see them as one working together to Destroy black people in Phonex.

Notwithstanding, as we have said on the headline, not all Indians are callous, here is an Indian south African man who has been of a great help to south Africa, according the report he just donated billions of rands to south Africans as humanitarian assistance, this is a commendable move by this Man, not everyone can render so a selfless generosity that cost much, indeed his not in support of killing Black people in south Africa, his humanitarian assistance just show that he is different from other, while Racist Indians are trying to destroy the country, he is trying to uplift people from poverty by giving helping hands.

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In your Own perspective view do you think south Africans should reverence this Indian Man for helping the poor donating billions of rands.

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What can you say to this?

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