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Man beaten to pulp by women, will he get justice or it is the world of woman? Opinion

I don't know whether people understand that gender based violence it is not gender based, it is a spirit on humanity. It is not women that are victims, it is not men that are victims, it is not children that are victims, but it is humans.

All humans are victims of gender based violence because, this spirit does not know any gender. If we ever want to fix the problem that we have in the society of gender based violence, it doesn't have to be focusing on one gender, or pointing fingers at one regender. We have to face humans, because this is a humanitarian crisis. It is neither the crisis caused by men or women, it is caused by humans.

If we can approach it that way, our society can be able to be free from gender based violence, but as long as we are labeling man as only monsters, as only as the people that do not care about women in the society, as the people that always want to abuse women and children, we can never get it right. The issue is not on a particular gender, the issue is on humans, that's how it should be approached.

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