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Twist As Zandile Mafe's Team Causes Confusion As They Plead Not Guilty After Admitting To Crime


After days of serious appeal, some good news was announced about Zandile Christmas Mafe, the suspected Parliament arsonist and prime suspect in the alleged cases. His bail hearing was supposed to be his first step to freedom, but after serious reveal it was denied by the court. Now, Zandile Mafe and his legal team are causing confusion as they intend to plead not guilty even after the accused admitted to the crime and even showed how he lit the fire and this might be bad for his credibility making his cases harder [Read more].

Zandile Mafe recently underwent a psychiatric evaluation to assess his mental state and was found to be in good health. If Zandile Mafe is granted a bail hearing, he might get the opportunity to see his family again.

Suspected parliament arsonist Zandile Mafe intends to plead not guilty to charges against him in connection with a fire that destroyed old and new National Assembly buildings earlier this month. He also plans to question the authenticity of the reported video in which he is suspected of committing the crimes he is accused of. The charges include terrorism, arson and home theft.

In an unsigned affidavit by his legal defense team to the Western Cape Supreme Court, Mafe argued that the terrorism charge was a ploy to make his bail request taken less serious than it should be. He was admitted to the Valkenberg Mental Hospital last week by order of the Cape Town Magistrates' Court. Mafe's lawyer, Luvujo Godla, said referrals for psychiatric monitoring without his client being able to consult a private psychiatrist were cruel and dubious.


With the way the case is being handled, I think Zandile Mafe's bail might be stallled and his case pushed aside while he suffers in jail. It's obvious his story is faulty and the prosecution team might use this to their advantage.

What are your thoughts concerning this case? Do you think Zandile Mafe's story is becoming unreliable by the day or do you still think he is the innocent homeless man he portrayed himself to be? Don't forget to make your opinions known, like and share this content. Thanks.

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