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GUILTY: Here is How Many Years Rosemary Could Spend in Prison for Killing 6 People (Opinion)

The story of Rosemary Ndlovu has been one that shocked numerous South Africans. The trial started about a month ago with anex-police officer who conspired to kill six members of her family in order to gain some amount of funds or money from burial covers. It was said that she gained a aggregate of R1.2 million from all the six people that she killed.

Just On Friday the 22nd of October, the judgement was handed out and she was found guilty of all six counts of Murder plus fraud. What's left is the final sentencing that will take place on the 5th of November but we can calculate how many years she might probably get from the judgement when the time comes.

The minimal judgment for murder in South Africa is life imprisonment. Rosemary has been found very guilty to be shamefaced of the murder of 6 of her family members. What this means is that she's most likely to get life imprisonment for each person that she boggled. 

This means she might actually get 6 different life imprisonment when she eventually gets doomed in two weeks. South African law also states that if one has to get a single life in imprisonment they only have about 25 years until they can be liable to apply for bail. 

This means that depending on the judgement she might also be liable for bail after so numerous times. There is also the option of a life judgment with no possibility of bail which means that she'll die in total captivity. The final judgement will determine whether she gets life rulings or a certain number of years ahead. 

Killing or murdering of 1 person is more than enough to send a person to prison for life till he or she dies. What’s your say on this situation?

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