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OPINION| All Zimbabweans Must Congratulate Laura Nyahuye for Making Zimbabwe Proud

This a proud moment for Laura Nyahuye she is a hardworking, confident and relentless activist on gender issues she has lifted the Zimbabwean flag high

Congratulations to Zimbabwean UK based artist, Laura Nyahuye, who headed the team that designed the Commonwealth Baton for next commonwealth summer games, the Baton will travel to all Commonwealth countries, Zimbabweans continue to shine even though ZANUPF pulled us out of the Commonwealth, and has failed to rejoin. Many kids in Zimbabwe have been denied the opportunities that come with being in the commonwealth which even Rwanda and Mozambique joined

Zimbabwe has a engagement ,reengagement policy with multilateral bodies and because of the sanctions reentry into the Commonwealth has been made difficult by the viper called UK the hatchery of the sanctions. Only yesterday Tony was in Zambia, Livingstone trying to steal a glance at Victoria Falls but his own sanctions got the better of him the best View of the Falls is in Zimbabwe even the giant Statue of David Livingstone is hera alsoNow in the capitalist spirit of condomising subjects, they exploit this young women skills but will not carry her with the favour of passing the button through her own country, her homeland bad as it is the gutter press journalist love it and the opposition vudkin quislings ululate no end. Shame the Queen holds vast tracks of land in this country and noone challenges Her Majesty on the Why. Robert withdrew Zim for his reasons but ED equally for his reasons has reapplied. Do we not all suscribe to the Christian value of "knock and it shall be opened for you?" What is amiss with our knock? Is not our opposition obssessed with the NgaapindeHake mantra why I ask should these gate keeping policy, be applied only to Zim but then again the odious sanctions

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