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Judge Erasmus warned Adv Mpofu against application for a leave to appeal, see what happens

Thus, Adv. Mpofu proposed today, that customary regulation ought to be created where rescission application is dealt with the same way as an application for a pass on to pursue. I love the amazing way he marked his own essential contention as a "Fear inspired notion" and his contention as a "Fantasy" surmise that summarizes every one of his contentions made. What might be the motivation behind pursue courts assuming individuals could bid by means of rescission applications, and how might matters at any point be settled under such course of action? Mpofu, recall is a similar person who "kept ubaba out of jail for the afternoon" just for ubaba to be imprisoned, no doubt

Mpofu is a legislator man. it's really not interesting ..yet seeing somebody talking through his neck ..and courts saying 'okay..hmm it doesn't make sense.but I'll humor you is nauseating and unsettling. No other human pulls off the thing he is as of now doing. He merits every one of the expense orders on the planet.

What an inept thought that will add a layer of time-squandering in court processes with little possibilities of progress. Dali realizes he addresses the Stalingrad followers like Zuma and Busi. Dali wa swabisa mean! I don't have the foggiest idea why he needs to permit himself to be diminished to such bonehead levels by Busisiwe Mokhwebane! All in all, what is it for? Charges? It Can't be charges. It's pitiful to see @AdvDali_Mpofu peeing on his expert lawful standing like that.

What's more, every country on the planet exists an Apex Court. There should be a finish to prosecution. You can't keep on engaging allure advance until realm comes, and you obtain the outcome you need. Equity won't ever be served. There is such an amazing concept as vexatious case.


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Erasmus Mpofu


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