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Municipal employees die while on strike

The strike by the Steve Tshwete Municipality workers in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, has turned bitter.

Workers started last Monday to protest for better wages. It is said that these workers want to be promoted to the fifth salary category and get better benefits.

Reports say that the municipality is planning to suspend 100 workers, who were part of last week's strike, is what has made the situation even worse since the strike started.

On Wednesday there was a confrontation when the security guards, who are said to have been hired to monitor the municipal building as well as the protesting workers, refused to allow the workers to enter the municipal building.

It is said that the guards opened fire on the workers. One worker died at the scene, four were taken to hospital.

Recent reports indicate that one of those rushed to the hospital has died. Although the police in Mpumalanga have not commented on this, media reports in Mpumalanga say that the police found bullet casings at the scene of the incident. They also took a few security guards who asked questions about what happened.

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