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Foreigner who killed Limpopo teacher is sentenced. She was his girlfriend

A love relationship went terribly wrong between a Pakistan national and a Limpopo school teacher. 

Ashan Fraz Cheema, 33, was in a love relationship with Limpopo schoolteacher Mohlale Precious Magabane.

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The two had high hopes of building a future together but it tragically ended.

In all ended the night Cheema went to her flat and an argument ensued, during which Cheema assaulted and killed her with a knife.

Magabane’s body was dismembered and her body parts placed in refuse bags.

Cheema told a friend about the murder and the friend turned state witness during the trial. 

He told his friend that he had problems with his girlfriend and that led to him killing her. 

The bags were disposed of in various areas and her head and arms were buried in a shallow grave.

He has since been sentenced to life in prison after he was found guilty for the murder. 


Ashan Fraz Cheema Cheema Limpopo Mohlale Pakistan


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