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Is Rosemary Ndlovu Sleeping in Court? Check What People Noticed About Rosemary Today

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Today is expected to be the deadline in the case of Rosemary Ndlovu after she was accused of killing her 5 family members and her boyfriend to cash in from insurance policies.

This has been one of the big court cases this year as it gained a lot of public interest due to its nature.

Besides being accused of a very strong case, Rosemary Ndlovu has also been trending for throwing tantrums in court and doing questionable things.

The judge is currently presenting evidence against Rosemary Ndlovu but most people have noticed that she is not even interested.

Many people have spotted out that Rosemary Ndlovu is actually not listening to the proceedings in court but rather taking a nap.

Check some reactions from people below:

As I have mentioned above, Rosemary Ndlovu is expected to sleep today knowing whether she is guilty or not guilty on all the cases against her.

Summary of Rosemary Ndlovu's case:

Rosemary Ndlovu made headlines this year after she was accused of plotting and executing the killings of her 5 relatives and her boyfriend.

There was a video that took many people by storm on social media whereby Rosemary Ndlovu was heard allegedly talking to the hitmen.

Rosemary Ndlovu was heard mentioning a lot of shocking things in the video whereby she was brainstorming her plans for the hitmen.

Ndlovu was heard mentioning that they should never shoot or stab her family members but using fire will make them get away with evidence very easily.

During her visits to court in the past months, it was revealed that Rosemary Ndlovu had two boyfriends but she did not reveal a lot of information about the other boyfriend.

Many people have mentioned that they would like to see Rosemary Ndlovu paying for her sins.

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