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Husband and wife relationship

Woman drags her husband to court for urinating on food and clothes every time he gets drunk

Month end is just around the corner and many revellers will be drinking alcohol until they knock out. 

One woman dreads month ends because her husband turns into something else when he has one too many. 

A Zimbabwean woman from Harare, Caroline Kasirori, has approached the courts seeking a protection order against her husband. 

She claims that her husband, Ronald Majonga, had a habit which is tearing their family apart. 

“He also urinates on clothes and food, which I work hard for, each time he gets drunk. I can’t stand it anymore since I do everything by myself,” she complained.

Ronald did not deny the allegations being levelled against him. 

He confirmed that his behavior became attached it's worst each time he got drunk. He blamed it on the bottle. 

He said he was now living like a prisoner in his own house as his wife gives him duties of cooking and doing his own laundry. 

Magistrate Machingura granted Caroline the protection order and advised her to seek professional counselling.

At least Caroline will be in peace come momthend next week. 


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