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Guptas question the NPA about the non-existent case against them

I truly hope that the NPA has all their ducks in a row with this Gupta case they have previously made a complete harsh of a case against these same individuals, I would have thought that the most intelligent and competent people are supposed to be employed by this institution to fight crime an extradition agreement demands that they be brought back here to answer and not to respond on media, make a claim that the case is baseless should be done in a competent court of law. It look like nobody in Zondo reports will be arrested because it is made out of rumours no solid evidence to prosecute anyone, everyone mentioned will challenge the report and request evidence that is not thereSA does not seem to have a strong and effective evidence gathering and prosecution team ever since they lost Nel they appear to have been limping like a four wheel car with a flat tyre, a few GBV convictions and how many convictions of high profile corrupt politicians in the past ten years, I wonder what our media is distracting us from whenever they bring back the Gupta stories just know they are distracting us from something, I will wait for BBC and Wion journalists to tell us. One of the employees of Vrede Dairy Farm said she misses the Guptas because when they were the one running that farm, she received R11000 per month but now since it is under the trustees she receives R3000 per month because they(trustees) are deducting the money they did not receive during Gupta's time, after those pro-Gupta words the interview was cut off because she said nothing negative about Guptas at Newsroom Afrika 405

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