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Footage not for sensitive people|| Local municipality allegedly shootng workers. Video goes viral

A sensitive video that is currently gaining traction online appears to show members of Steve Tshwete's local government's private security force firing staff members. A camera was used to record the video that is now spreading over the internet.

The individual who uploaded this video alleges that it shows private security at the Steve Tshwete Local Municipality opening fire on workers, which resulted in the deaths of two individuals and the injury of two further individuals. Let's not forget that any of us are currently in municipal buildings! How did it get to the point that the local government was in such a state of disrepair?

It is unsettling that we are having this conversation at this moment since the news is so upsetting.

Even though I do not believe that these protesters posed a threat to the town's property or employees, someone told informer-hub-99 that one of the protesters initially pulled out a gun, which is what led to the shot being fired. I do not believe that these protesters posed a threat.

This is the situation that arises when the person who is suspected of committing the crime is also the leader of the nation. The president of our country is trying to avoid taking responsibility for as much as possible with the help of a lot of people and groups in the criminal justice system.

A number of people have the misconception that the municipality let its armed security men loose on its staff members who were not armed. In general, the circumstances ought to have been dealt with in a more appropriate manner. It shows that both the union leaders and the city leaders are not good at leading.

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