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Watch : Municipal Workers Dump Trash On The Road And Destroy Property

Under the ANC’s “preferred leadership” we see more and more of these situations and many more to come, not only as a result of economic pressure but the reactiveness to the social issues of this country. These men and woman can barely make ends meet!

Municipal workers were on strike and dumping waste on the streets, damaging water meters, blocking roads, opening fire hydrants and disrupting traffic in the CBD yesterday.

It is clear that the municipal workers have been holding out and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic we are not surprised that most of these agencies are protesting for the income increase, if you look at things under the covid-19 pandemic they have increased in prices.

Because of the situation that most businesses were in during the COVID-19 pandemic where businesses had to close down because they couldn't operate under those conditions, now they lost a lot of money and this is how they want to get back that money this also goes along with ordinary members of the public.

Whom some were not even paid for the work that they would have been doing and they had to go home without any form of income from their work, right now these businesses and ordinary members of the public are trying to ensure that their things are going according to plans and they're making just enough money in order to make a profit for this year not to make a loss compared to last year.

But what the municipal workers are doing on the roads is something that is not conducive to society because at the end of the day someone is going to have to clean up the mess that they have created, and it is counterproductive because if you are also trying to protest for salary increases and they also working on the road.

So that means that they would have to come back to work and clean up the mess that they have created on the roads, they seem very determined to make sure that the roads are unusable.

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