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18 & 19 Year Olds In Court For Murder Of Thoriso Themane

Thoriso Themane murder case underway at high court in polokwane, this is a tragic incident that has happened here and the families of the victims are very heartbroken about the murder that took place there is nothing that can be said that can justify the horrible thing that happened to the boy at the hands of the other boys.

Who are of younger age also and the police have gotten involved where they took them into police custody, and now they are going through the court processes in order to find out if they're going to spend some time in jail, or they are going to be given a slap on the wrist by the courts and allowed to go home.

Accused 1 is named Kgothatso Teffo is trying to make amends and he has revealed to the courts that at the funeral they tried to reach out to the deceased's family, apparently they sent two family members but they could not find the family at home and this affected their plans to apologize.

Accused 3 who is an 18-year-old - Vincent Mathobela is currently in Grade 11 and stays with his siblings and grandparents, so of course he might have a lot of freedom on his hands to be unable to resist the temptations of going outside and doing criminal activities.

He said he is feeling sorry for the family because they have lost their loved one, Mathobela is asking fir a second chance or at least a suspended sentence that he will serve at a later time, he said that he doesn't want direct imprisonment because he does not deserve it because he only hit Thoriso not murdered him.

Accused 4 who is a 19-year-old is called Tsiamo Myeni and he is apparently in Grade 12 and ge also asked the court not send him to prison, he is adamant that the people who are responsible for the murder should be brought to justice.

Accused 5 us named Lesetja Ramokgopa and he is only 19-year-old says his brother tried to get in contact with Thoriso's family to ask for forgiveness, he says that he is not happy with the way things turned out because he only wanted his Cap back but now he is in court.

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