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The Top 5 Reasons That Would Make A Prisoner Completely Avoid Food In Prison...>{Opinion}<

Make no mistake about it, as much as prisoners enjoy the assurance of 3 meals per day, they're living in a hellhole. Many former inmates have publicly said that prison isn't pap and vleis, that place will destroy every part of you that makes you a human. 

Although on paper its called a rehabilitation center, it actually does the opposite in real life, it turns prisoners into monsters because when they get in there, they start smoking drugs and joining gangs.

Over the years, many taxpayers have complained multiple times that prisoners don't actually deserve 3 meals per day because all they do is just sit around and do nothing the whole day while taxpayers sweat to get their money.

Now without any further ado, let's checkout some of the reasons that would make a prisoner avoid eating his delicious 3 meals per day, see the reasons below:

- After finding out that a loved one has passed

- Stress over how he's treated in jail

- As a form of protest against the prison laws

- Just for simply having no appetite

- Having taken laxatives to clean up their intestines

What do y'all think about the reasons?? Let's talk in the comments section

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