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Just in| Jacob Zuma Loses Another Court Case

Date: 26/10/21



On Tuesday the 26th of October, Jacob Zuma had to receive his judgement for the case to have the judge running his corruption case recused. He had said that he has multiple grounds to state that the judge is very biased and if he is to continue with his corruption case the results might be biased as well.

Judge Koen who was the one hearing the case of the recusal has laid a judgement that Jacob Zuma has no grounds for what he is requesting and Downer will continue with the prosecution. It is said that the 14 reasons that Jacob Zuma presented as a case to have Downer removed from his corruption trial were merely speculative and hearsay. Because of this, Jacob Zuma's plea has been dismissed and the trial we'll have to continue.


This is not the first time that Jacob Zuma has lost a case in court. He has lost multiple cases and so far he has only won one case. At some point, he feels like the court and the judiciary is against him as every time he tries to go to court for something he keeps on losing. This is part of the reason he got out of the state capture commission.


I largely feel that the former president is actually fishing for straws at this point. He knows for sure that he is going to be found guilty for his corruption charge and is trying his best to avoid and delay this whole thing. This whole request to recuse downer was just delay tactics for his trial but the judge is so true it. Now the whole case will go through and South Africa will finally see if he is guilty or not.

What is your take on the matter at hand?

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