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SA divided? They celebrated the death of 3 White Learners & they are now in hot shower. See them

It can't get any worse than this. When they didn't follow a court order, the party known as Black First Land First (BLF) is now facing another round of legal action, because they didn't. In 2019, when three white schoolchildren were killed, the group's response was disgusting. This caused a wave of anger from people all over the world.

Sick taunts from the BLF make the law respond.

BLF spokesperson Lindsey Maasdorp released a statement a few days after the Driehoek High School tragedy, where a footbridge collapsed and killed three young people and seriously injured many more. The BLF said it was an act of God, and that "three future problems" had been solved.See the source image

They were finally in front of the Equality Court last month, and they were ordered to pay R50 000 to each of the families of the people who died. They were also told to write a letter of apology, but neither has happened, so the trade union Solidariteit thinks that BLF is now in contempt of court.

We will keep going with the contempt of court order.

Lawyers working for the group are also trying to get warrants of execution for the party that didn't work out, so they can be killed. In a statement released on Tuesday, Solidariteit said that they were going to take legal action.

This week, "Solidarity" filed a case of contempt against Black First Land First and asked for warrants of execution against them (BLF). People talked about the disaster that happened at Driehoek High School in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa, when a footbridge fell down and killed many people. Three students died and a lot of others were seriously hurt in the accident.See the source image

It said that three white children who died was a "divine intervention" that took care of three future problems. A judge ordered Maasdorp and the BLF to pay each of the parents of the people who died in the case R50 000 each. They also had to apologize to the parents for their remarks. So far, they haven't obeyed any of the rules.

Statement of solidarity

Lawyers say that BLF "will be held accountable," and that they will.

This person is in charge of the legal department at Solidariteit. Anton van der Bijl He has accused the BLF of "undermining the authority of the judiciary," and he has vowed to get justice for the families and friends of the people who died.See the source image

I can't understand why anyone would do something like that. When the BLF doesn't follow a court order, they not only question the power of the judiciary, but they also show no respect for the children who died and make the parents' pain even more painful. In the future, we will keep up the fight for justice and against these kinds of racial hatred.

In this case, Anton van der Bijl is the man.


BLF face court action, after ‘celebrating’ the death of three white learners (

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