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Soweto Residents Peacefully Protest To Get Back Their Jobs From Zimbabweans In Diepkloof

Soweto residents held a protest outside a KFC store alleged to employing foreign nationals over South Africans in entry level jobs, these are serious issues that need to be discussed.

Soweto residents say that this Kentucky Fried Chicken store is employing foreign nationals overlooking South Africans in Diepkloof, at the moment it is not very clear if these allegations are true.

The residents demand the removal of foreign nationals, and be replaced with Soweto residents.

This is something that has been going on for quite some time now and many ordinary citizens are wondering where is the government in this regard, because this is where they are supposed to step in and calm the situation down because if they do not no one else is going to.

This is how the Xenophobic episodes of the past started - through simple protests, and the next thing we knew one shop was burnt and before long 20 shops were burnt and there are fights going on around the country this is where the police are supposed to step in especially considering how volatile Soweto residents are.

The struggle for shops has been a concern for many years and one has to wonder where were South African citizens when the foreign nationals were not here, where were they during the times when these foreign nationals were picking up and opening up shops around the country.

I know what you might be saying, but this is not something that we can make an excuse out of now that most people are seeing foreign nationals as shop owners they’re starting to fight.

This is something that is definitely unacceptable and it has to come to a reasonable conclusion, to also say that the citizens of South Africa are wrong for demanding this is completely wrong because they also fight for their rights and they also want to be part of the economy and earn as well as work in the country.

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