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It Ends In Tears For Bookkeeper who stole R11 million from Covid UIF Ters fund

Meet the Bookkeeper who stole R11 million from Covid UIF Ters fund to spend 20 years behind bars, some people will congratulate such an act if the man was successful in doing his crime but it is clear that he was not successful and this is due to the fact that a lot of people are very aware of the top officials who make money disappear.

Lindelani Gumede, apparently stole over R11 million from the Covid-19 Ters Fund has been sentenced to 135 years, this is a very unfortunate person because in actual fact there are a lot of business people who benefited from that money and are not in court today.

Gumede was sentenced at the Johannesburg Specialized Commercial Crimes Court, this is just an incident of a heist gone wrong whereby a person thought that he could do this and managed to pull it off but ended up behind bars this is a story that is quite common.

Gumede was found guilty on 32 counts of theft for stealing over R11 million, by defrauding employees on the Covid-19 Ters system. That is why the president even call for businesses that received the funds to be investigated, because there are high chances that they were all submitting fraudulent documents of employees that were relatively non-existent.

Gumede used the details of employees of companies for which he did bookkeeping for, when the same company tried to established these benefits for its own employees they failed because then they found out that they were already registered.

The companies included Country Pies, LPG Clotilda (Pty) Ltd, Odonus Investments (Pty) Ltd and La Mela (Pty) Ltd, this is why this is a very huge concern for the authorities they need to ensure that they arrested a people because arresting accountants in such people is not going to solve any problems.

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