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OPINION| How can this guy get a 25 year sentence after the horrible crime he committed ?

Sentences like this will never deter men from murdering women he killed her over messages he sent himself, he then tried to cover up his evil deed he took away the only hope her family of a better life and then this? This is nonsense no matter how forth coming he was to investigators. Aluta is only 25, even if he is not eligible for parole, (highly unlikely) he will still get out at age 50 and be integrated into the society. This is a spit, an insult to Nosicelo's spirit adding salt to open deep cut wounds to her parents the justice system has failed Nosicelo MtebeniSouth Africa, how can this guy get a 25 year sentence after the horrible crime he just committed, our justice system is a joke sometimes even with all the evidence there the judge magistrate will be lenient when it comes to handing down a judgment. It's like they never care about the victim. Accusers even have rights during trial proceedings, that's just what I have noticed with the SA justice system, its irritating and frustrating to say the least. We really do not need men like him in the society, I think its time our government stands up for the woman in South Africa and bring back the death penalty, what is 25 years because four years down the line he might be out with good behavior or something we facing a big problem here, everyday a women is killed in this country when will it stop25 yrs for murder plis 10 years to defeat end of justice is peanuts especially when he is doing it all at once, at least a life was fair since he took someone else's life, such a highly qualified offender should have been a target practice by justice, so that other monsters out there will take some notes, I'm not happy at all

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