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Looming Tshwane Bus Strike.

Members of the National Union of Metalworks of South Africa (Numsa) bow to strike and shutdown bus services until the city of Tshwane intervenes in the collapsed wage negotiations between its contractor and the workers. The aggrieved workers of Extremetec, an agency responsible for fare collection for the city's bus service, demonstrated at the bus stations on Church Square in Hatfield. They want the City to stop folding its hands and come on board to assist or compel their employer to give them a transport allowance or make one available because they work shifts between 4am and 9pm.

They also want the city to make their employer agree to offer the workers a night shift allowance of R60 per hour, arguing that work done after 6pm is considered night shift according to the laws of the country. Frederick Mabaso said these workers also demand that the employers offers them medical aid cover and subsidises 80% of the policy. He said they have already found companies willing to offer the workers cover between R300 and R900. He said currently the workers only receive a transport allowance of R600 which is not enough to assist the workers to purchase cars but the employer was not willing to increase it to R2500, nor make transport available.

Meanwhile our members struggle to find transport before 4am and after 9pm. They get robbed and assaulted. Many of them are women and they have endured serious crimes like robbery and even rape," said Mabaso. With regard to the medical aid, he said the employer had agreed with them to go all out and look for companies that would offer them affordable cover, but now the company was saying it could not afford to pay for that. The strike will carry on inorder to protect and prioritise the needs of employees.



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