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Zimbabwean man tries escaping from police officer but he made just one silly mistake

The possibility of returning to the jail cells was simply a lot to exposed for a Zimbabwean man that he endeavored escaping while in court. 

Cuthbert Chidemo was set to show up under the steady gaze of the officers court confronting unlawful passage charges however he concluded that he was unable to go through the entire court measure. 

Thus he incubated an all-inclusive strategy to move away from equity. 

Chidemo exploited the way that the cop who had carried him to court was going to certain issues. 

Thus subsequent to going through the court confirming interaction, he fled by fleeing from the cop. 

He, notwithstanding, committed an error by going to the storm cellar utilized by jail officials to get suspects. 

A ready overseer ultimately saw him changing into an alternate arrangement of garments and he immidiately conveyed an alert prompting Chidemo's rearrest. 

The court heard that on October 3, Chidemo unlawfully entered a property in West Road, Avondale and took four 20 liters jerry jars of petroleum, 60 liters of diesel and two void 25 liter jerry jars. 

Notwithstanding the above charges, he currently faces a charge of getting away from legitimate guardianship. 

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