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Kaizer Chiefs fan was charged 150 years in jail after she was found guilty for multiple killing.

After being found guilty of 6 manslaughter counts, Kaizer Chiefs' die-hard supporter was sentenced to 150 years of imprisonment. For a spree of killings she planned, Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu was sentenced to six life terms. She was also sentenced to five years in prison for tampering with evidence, ten years in prison for four acts of deception, ten years in prison for each of the multiple charges of solicitation for assassination, and ten years in prison for the premeditated manslaughter of her mom, Maria Mushawana. 


The 46-year-old former law enforcement officer was found guilty of murdering her husband as well as five household members in order to collect life insurance payouts.For attempting to murder her sister, Joyce, and Joyce's five children, Judge Ramarumo Monama sentenced Ndlovu to a further five years upon every conviction. She will be sentenced to 150 years in total for this.



"We don't care whether she is a die-hard fan or not, but she has to take responsibility for her actions and let the law take its course. My brother, everyone has got his or her own choice of which team to support and when it comes to crime, it's now a different story. If you have your own murder case, it's only the law which is closing in on you, not the sport.



This woman is not even remorseful for what she did. Now she wants the correctional services to change her from the prison she is in and move her to another prison for her to be close to her family. And according to my opinion, I think that if the state allows this, they might be accomplices in the death of the few remaining members of her family, as her future or already in place plans are not known. The state should be probing future plans and ctively protecting what remains. Let's stand together to give the victims of South Africa a safe platform so they can be heard. " Twitter followers stated. 


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Joyce Maria Mushawana. Ndlovu Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu Ramarumo Monama


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