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South Africa must revolt Enough is enough.

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=Compression is a tradition that is made for a family by, law says when a child becomes a year old then that child is made for the sake of the child to be known to be safe and bless even, when a child grows up it doesn't become ancestors because others get to do crazy things but the child cries for tradition.


=We must be careful when you make a surname that you report underneath must be sure that it is the real one to report to.

If you are made for your father make sure that your father keeps his qualities like paying lobola and being taken out of the surname or married completely with your mother.. there is this thing that our ancestors used to do when they, get married and get children and then go and sit together until they grow up under that surname and get children now that surname surname you even have a ceremony where they deserve to be finished completely when they are gone.

They get married even though they are no longer there so that the rest of you will know that the surname you are reporting under / reported underneath means.... if it was a straight revenge with success.


= Respect is important because it's the one you lick when you kneel down and then the bald one puts a person in the msamu and when you put it on the left side of your uncle's home (to your father) on the right side.

I think y'all are clear.

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