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Why are ONLY BLACKS looting, setting fires, defending ZUMA and abusing South Africa? [OPINION]

You seem to have wanted to bring out racism in South Africa when you decided to come with hordes of black members into Indian and white communities to attack them in a ploy to get Zuma out of jail.

We have heard blacks speak the most about racism in South Africa and wherever they could throw the statement... "You're Racist"... They would. Everything was about colour and racism.

Nothing else mattered.

Now when Indians and whites are standing up for their communities then BLACKS are saying that non blacks are RACIST.

I couldn't see how that would fit in anywhere.

When the country CLEARLY gives blacks the benefit over every other non black in the country.


Everything in South Africa is associated with blacks.

Yet WE never complained because we never saw an actual authentic reason to. We continued our lives, as law abiding citizens.

We have observed how during the coronavirus pandemic and the looting of the R500 billion coronavirus relief fund... 99% of those looters have been BLACK!

It's on our mind for a long time now, sad to be the one you hear it from.

Everything is all about Racism and it seems now like these very same black looters are forcing us to become RACIST!

ALL the people causing chaos in our country right now, is BLACK!

The SAPS members are evening joining in with the looting! Where is the dignity and self respect?

Shacks and squatter camps are now being set alight.

How is this going to impact them now?!

We lived in fear for over a year already with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic...

Still with continued fear and new variants... People have been just trying to stay afloat, then we get hit with a massive surge in violence against law abiding citizens who are honestly just minding their own business.

By the way, Jacob Zuma is not a GOD. The almighty knows who are the transgressors and they will eventually transgress against themselves.

Surely there is a torment for those who cause unrest among citizens who did not do anything to them.

Now we are all sitting tight to our seats near our windows and watching to see what's going to happen next.

Do not assume that BLACKS are better than any other race group.

If they truely were, there would be better ways to get Jacob Zuma out of prison.

Not this way.

Then those who have caused major unrest do not care about the future of their children and grandchildren.

They do not care about South Africa at all.

They are trying to cause major backlash when it comes to racism and they will surely get their day.

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