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Zuma Riots Part 2? Here Is What Mzansi Is Planning To Do This Friday.

Members of the public have decided to protest against the situation in phoenix as they feel like the president and the police minister are doing nothing about it, the worst part is that not even the media is taking any action and showing it on news and that is why people have decided to take a stand against these killings. The government seems not to be affected by any of the things that is happening and this shows that they careless about the citizens of the country, they only acted when people were looting and destroying their malls but now that people are being killed they’re saying nothing and doing nothing about it.

It seems like they still believe that the group is on the killing the looters but it's even worse because it's not only the looters who are being killed, and the government shouldn't even be letting other people kill others just because they had looting. This has turned into some lawless country where everyone just does as they please, as it is people in Cape Town especially taxi operators are giving commuters and bus drivers a hard time as they are not even allowed to drive on the road and now people have to walk home.

In the most recent incident we saw a bus driver who was shot and fortunately survived, but imagine how it feels to go to work then go back home shot and injured for nothing.

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