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Zuma Roits Part 2? Here's Is What Mzansi Is Planning To Do This Friday.

The protests may start again after a few posters were shared on social media. However this time, instead of being Soley focused of freezing Jacob Zuma, now are it's the Phoenix massacre. All details are down below how to protect yourself.

On this 23 Friday they will be a protest march. As black poeple they march against the alleged Phoenix massacre. This might bring back the peace between this two nation. This started when Indians started killing black poeple for looting was happening in KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng. Which involved both nation black, Indians and white.

But the government and police make it look like it was only black poeple who were doing this. In that case they haven't done anything to stop Indian from killing black poeple. So poeple decided to take to themselves to make sure to put Indians in their place. Phoenix massacre has been on the news from last week.

Today a clergy walk for justice will occur, the walk will start at the kwamashu Avoca off-ramp to city Hall. Poeple they're asked if you are not a member of Phoenix community stay in your house. We don't need this matter to escalate even more. The church leaders visited the place of Phoenix yesterday to show they're leadership, they went to police station to enquire about the matter and what police have done so far but the were told that only one person is arrested for now.

People they're asked to prepare themselves to stay longer in this protests because they want answers to the government and the superiors. You have to come with food it can something like small stockpile of food. Preferably canned food. There's vidoes everywhere but police haven't arrested anyone. Is that because black poeple's lives doesn't matter to our government? We should find answers to our government.

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