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Rosemary sentence decided: She will return from prison after this long


Rosemary has been charged with a number of homicides.

Rosemary's destiny has been sealed inside bars after she was accused with several murders of roughly 6 individuals, all of whom were her relatives or family members. It was discovered that she murdered them so that she could profit from the funeral policy and receive the money.

She will be locked up in prison for this long and be released only in this condition

It was determined that she would be imprisoned for the rest of her life, with her days to live determining how long she would spend behind bars; she would only be released after death.

She will not emerge alive, but as a corpse, implying that she will languish in prison for the murders she committed.

Fate has finally gotten the better of her.

As a reader, what are your thoughts? Is a life sentence the most appropriate punishment for her actions? Others feel she was meant to die rather than be imprisoned; what do you think?

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