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Operation Dudula Collaborate with Police to Evict Street Vendors from De Villiers, Johannesburg.

Angry South Africans have been demanding that unlawful acts be prioritized in every facet of our existence as a people, which has led to some progress in combating the illegal activities that are frequently carried out by visitors from other countries.

It is a well-known fact that South Africans, under the umbrella body of Operation dudula and Put South Africa First, have been lobbying for an end to the influx of illegal immigrants and the deprivation of citizen's rights by these foreigners. These South Africans are organizing under the name Put South Africa First.

These demands have resulted in the protests that we see taking place around the country today; these protests are frequently organized by pressure groups in an effort to coerce our government into doing what is necessary.

In the meantime, members of Operation Dudula, working in conjunction with the Johannesburg police, had been successful in evicting street sellers who were occupying the popular De Villiers avenue in Johannesburg.

We are all aware that foreign nationals selling secondhand products such as clothing, bags, shoes, and other cooking utensils occupy the majority of the space along this important thoroughfare the most of the time. These sellers frequently block off the walkways for pedestrians and the pavements with their wares, which results in congestion on the road and, in some instances, leads the road to become gridlocked.

In a video that was going around the internet, members of Operation Dudula could be seen telling the merchants to pack up their goods and leave as soon as possible, which the merchants did as they were told. When this report was being compiled earlier today, the road was noticeably less chaotic than usual because a significant number of the market vendors were not to be seen.

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