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Parade protest


End SARS protesters clash with President Buhari loyalists in the streets of Nigeria

The Blood Ot The Innocent Killed and Arrested in Nigeria Will Not Go In Vain. We Cry Out For Justice To Prevail Over All The Injustice Against Harmless Nigerians.

In all of these talk about End SARS and FEMCO, you have to applaud the ingenuity of the political leaders. They have successfully attacked the intent/ideology behind the event and turned it to an attack fest on the organizers.

My main take away from all of these is that the impoverishing of the masses is intentional. We forgot that in the middle of a pandemic and economic recession, politicians that had the means were hoarding food to the point of it rotting. It was done on purpose.

Think of it, how masses wey never chop go sustain revolution? You need resources to think and coordinate. Our politicians will keep implementing mind-blowing stupid economic policies even when they know better. Keep the masses poor and give access to a few minions.

They also know when to use these resources to divide us. Look at us attacking ourselves lol, meanwhile till date none of the perpetrators of the Lekki tollgate massacre has been brought to Justice.

We are so predictable Kai. The same playbook every time and we never learn. Tell me why a Nigerian politician would want to make any effort at being accountable when they can strategically use SM and people to gaslight and misinform and people keep falling for it.

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