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South African man sentenced to life in prison in UK after killing his wife

It seems as though the femicide war is a pandemic among South African men all over the world.

A South African man, Aubrey Pule Padi, has found himself on the wrong side of the law after he murdered his wife as she slept.

He is now behind bars and her family fears her children will be taken to an orphanage in a foreign land.

Padi, 46, was this week sentenced in the Manchester Crown Court in the UK to life in prison for the murder of Tamara Padi.

He will only be eligible for parole in 23 years.

The court had heard of a murder that was sadistic, coldly calculating and brutal. How Padi had carefully planned his sadistic attack on his estranged wife, even lying in wait for hours for her to return home on the night of July 7.

The former South African navy employee had gone so far as to set an alarm on his phone so he could take a nap and wake up when his wife was asleep.

The court heard how Padi had “concealed himself” in her home after letting himself in. He came armed with knives and a hammer, and carried gloves and a length of cord.

On the fateful night Tamara had arrived home with a colleague at 1.30am and the two had gone to bed.

After being woken by his 3.30am phone alarm, Padi “set about” his wife with a metal “pull up exercise bar”, the court heard.

He then left her bedroom and returned to stab her eight times with one of the two kitchen knives he had brought with him.

This, while in the next bedroom, their children Tia, now 16, and Mia, 11, slept.

The colleague found Tamara seriously injured. She died later in hospital.

Yesterday Tamara’s eldest daughter, Tia, celebrated her 16th birthday. It was a difficult day without her mother, said Samkelwa Sethosa, a spokesperson for Tamara’s family.

Source: Saturday Star Sat, 9 Oct 2021

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