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OPINION: Norma Has Proven to All Men That you Must not Share Every Secret With Your Wife

Noma Gigaba knew that it was Gupta's who funded her allowance of R100. 000 per month but kept quiet. Now that they are no longer sponsoring her lavish lifestyle she's testifying against them. We don't want a selective Justice here, everyone who benefited from Gupta's "lootings" must pay back the money including her

Theres selective justice in this country. Criminal Procedures Act states, clearly that if you witness criminality happening and not report it its a crime but we all marvelling that the crminal justice system is quiet on people who claim to have witnessed it

From Vytjie Mentor, Jonas to Norma Mngoma. Everyone is suddenly not knowing that act because they are not the targeted ones. This country needs a civil war to start everything afresh. Law of S.A is now like animal farm, where some animals are more special than the other

Was it R100K a month or a day? I think I might have made a mistake there, as that women said she once bought a bag that cost R30K So it was definitely R100K a day to spend on her holidays paid for by the Gupta

Noma has proven to all man that no matter how happy you are with your wife, DO NOT TELL HER ALL YOUR SECRETS

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