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OPINION| AfriForum should display the old flag in their bedrooms because its clear that they like it

The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in Bloemfontein will on Wednesday hear arguments by Afriforum in an attempt to legalise the display of the 1928 apartheid flag.

We are in this mess because of two reasons; I blame that weak constitution that was negotiated at CODESA itt's that pipe dream Mandela sold to us about a Rainbow Nation that Rainbow faded long time ago, its time AfriForum takes their people and that flag and go Htch Hike a lift at the nearest Harbor back to Europe we wil not be held hostage by people who become South Africans by default. Why is it that money is wasted on this rather than help the country doesn't it cost money to go to court also the apartheid flag is history let it be history. Soon our new flag will also become historic becos of all the suffering that we going thru, like all things good and bad change always happens in the future. Maybe not now but somewhere that's why they say let history be history, we need to learn from it

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