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Bheki Cele To Give Each Woman R200K For Wrongfully Doing This. A DISBELIEF.


Two women, who were mistaken for thieves and caught without warrants, have won a court movement and have each been allowed more than R200, 000 in damages. The Gluten High Court in Johannesburg yielded the solicitation against Police Minister Bheki Cele. In the judgment, Judge Leicester Adams said Cynthia Morwanqana and Eunice Matshaka had never met each other and were in transit to where they experienced childhood in the Eastern Cape on a Friday in October 2014. They expected to board a comparable vehicle toward the end at Park Station in Johannesburg when their ways crossed. 

Morwanqana was around eight yes energies in each other's association while keeping it together in the line for their vehicle to arrive. But things took a loathsome turn when a woman who was plundered in January that year saw them together and faulted them for denying her of cash and various resources worth concerning R30 000 in Centurion. She attested that the woman fit the depiction of her alleged raiders. 

Cops at Park Station drove a downsized demand and mentioned one from the women to call the other one's cellphone number. It didn't select as a contact on her cellphone, which avowed the women didn't have even the remotest clue about each other. Unsatisfied with the outcome, the thievery setback contacted her soul mate who, in this way, expressed with the Wierdabrug police central command, where the charge of burglary had at first laid, the judgment read. The women hauled away in the vehicle while on the way toward the Eastern Cape, and people from the flying team caught them in Vanderbijlpark. They went through a couple of days confined. 

“The insulted parties is shocking, frightened and dumbfounded simultaneously — not to discuss the disgrace of having yanked off the vehicle before a busload of explorers, who in no inquiry believed them to be fomenters and the ones responsible for upsetting what should have been an agreeable and carefree vehicle journey toward the Eastern Cape." During the case, the minister yielded that the women were caught without a warrant. He, regardless, dismissed that it was uncalled-for or unlawful. Regardless, the women battled that the evidence didn't develop that the authority who caught them had reasonable grounds to estimate that they were the ones who executed the robbery.

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