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Mob Justice Gone Wrong In Limpopo

Looking at social media platforms over the past 24 hours or so, I take it that you also saw the unfortunate event that unfolded at Limpopo in Lebowakgomu yesterday wereby angry community members attacked a suspect accused of being a livestock thieve stealing peoples goats,

As good as hearing the fact that the man was properly beaten and the angry mob even went as far as burning his car sounded to us yesterday when we first heard of this this incident, It is with great sadness announce that things has now taken another turn in regards to that entire situation, What has happened now is that more information about the suspect attacked has surfaced and it turns out that the mob justice attacks was wrong

According to my source: What has surfaced most recently Is the fact that the burnt to death suspect was actually a collage lectures who was also into cattle livestock farming and the livestock which he was actually accused of stealing were the ones he recently bought for his business, So now with all this being this way the suspects behind his attack are now wanted by the police around the Ga-Mphahlele neighborhood

With all that being that way here's what various mzansi people has come out and said so far (read the comments in the screenshoots attached below please)

So now with all this being said and things being the way they are what's your take towards this entire situation? Would you say that all communities at large better abstain from mob justice since it can sometimes be wrong only to find out about all that when it's already late?

What's your take? Please let us know what you think by simply writing us a comment in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please 

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