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Opinion- Cyril Ramaphosa Must Be Arrested For The Marikana Massacre, Justice Must Be Served In SA

The Marikana massacre remains an unsolved case to the people of South Africa and the families of the victims and that's a fact. The 34 lives that were claimed by police officers on the 16 of August 2012 in North West, will be difficult to erase in the history books of South Africa.

It has been Ten years ever since the incident took place but the families of the victims are still fighting for justice because no police officer was arrested that day,which only means that there was someone who instructed this police officers in order to behave in that manner. That's why they were never arrested, The government of South Africa should have acted immediately to arrest the police officers that were caught on scene that day.

The police officers would've surrendered the name of the perpetrators who gave them an instruction to shoot and kill 34 miners during a protest. Arresting the police officers who shot this miners will automatically bring justice because not all of this police offices will be willing to go to jail doing their jobs. They were instructed to shoot, that's why they were never arrested.

South African citizens must learn to fight corruption because that's the main thing that they are mostly complaining about in the country. a system of corruption is protecting the one who's responsible for the lives that we claimed during the Marikana protest and i wouldn't be surprised if its president Cyril Ramaphosa because he has shares and his the only one who has political power in that mine.

The families of the 34 miners should be highly considered, their views on the government might change massively. imagine if you had a loved one that was part of the 34 gunned miners,would you have peace knowing that it was an unlawful act and no one took a fall for it. Poor or rich justice must be served in South Africa, Poor or Rich we are all equals to the system. If we do not fight this kind of unlawful acts then what future do we have? , if 'we' the people do not fight for the 34 people that died for demanding "better wages" then it means "we" approve and support this corrupt system that kills its own people.


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