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Immigration policy

Finally || No more Freedom for illegal Foreigners in South Africa.

People who live in the safety of gated communities call for open borders. I'ts the poor who bear the brand of crime and depressing the wages downwards.

South African country is the place where two or more people have an entire conversation, each speaking a different language, and they all understand each other people have close friends who speak a different langauge to them and they speak in mix thats the kind of little things we love about South Africa. The most vital thing of all never happened I SouthAfrica, we were never asked whether we want a borderless Africa, it just gets assumed that it is a noble cause, we all have to want it if we're African. And again we just realized that Pan Africanism is a scam which is being used to deal decissively with South Africans in their own' Country, and the South African puppets are pumping this scam into their Supporters so that they Must not see illegal immigrants as the threat, wake up South Africans. Companies keep on hiring Foreigners over Citizens are also part of those who promote illegal immigrants and such Companies Must be dealt with. The removal of all illegal foreigners will pave a way to respect of our immigration laws by other nations. The low hanging fruit, foreigners must be used as an example. All the Jobs in South Africa Hospitality Industry belong to South Africans and not foreigners, all the foreigners who are currently stealing jobs there must be deported.

All Illegal Foreigners permits dhould not be Extended. Because our Unemployed Teachers, Nurses, Dr's, Engineers, Lawyers etc, needs to fill up those Posts. Those foreigners must be deported. South African government must release Foreigners from Job's South Africans can do, because foreigners didn't Vote at all. So Illegal or Legal Foreigner must go home permanently.

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