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Previous State Security Agency representative who took R170,000 needs her occupation back

Kgaogelo Bopape's offered to land her position back is 'audacious', says previous SSA chief. Previous State Security Agency (SSA) finance assistant Kgaogelo Bopape, indicted for taking R170,000, will hear her destiny on Monday. Bopape, 53, showed up on Wednesday in the Pretoria specific business wrongdoings court, where justice Ignatius du Preez said he really wanted opportunity to go through proof introduced to him in court prior to giving over a sentence.

Bopape conceded in February to robbery and delivered a liable request proclamation. She was working in the homegrown cash division, where a portion of her obligations included making reserves accessible to individuals from the organization for activities.

NPA representative Lumka Mahanjana said on April 7 2020 Bopape pulled out R500,000 under the affectation that she would make the assets accessible to individuals from the SSA for work. In any case, she guarded the assets in a secured in her office and later took R170,000 which she utilized for her own advantage.

Mahanjana said when the money chief of the division did a spot check review, he found that there was R500,000 missing. "After inward examinations, an opened parcel containing R330,000 was found inside Bopape's office and upon cross examination she at last confessed to taking R170,000," she said.

The matter was accounted for to the police and she was captured on January 26 2021. The court heard that Bopape planned to make an application for reappointment at the organization after her excusal.

Taking to the observer box on Wednesday, previous SSA chief Mahlodi Muofhe expressed: "That on its own shows the audacity of how a few authorities in the organization imagine that they are as yet qualified for be reappointed even in the wake of having been observed liable in court, not to mention that the disciplinary hearing itself reached a resolution that the blamed individual ought to be excused. That simply shows that individuals in the organization feel qualified for things."Muofhe said in the event that Bopape was contrite she wouldn't engage attempting to land back her position.

"She broke her office vow. I'm shocked that she feels that she should in any case return to her work. I'm concerned, it simply shows that she accepts this cycle will go through and afterward she will return to work," he said. Muofhe said he was made aware of Bopape's direct by an inward informant.

Her lawyer, Hennie Theron, told the court his client was repentant and had acted the manner in which she did in view of her monetary conditions. Theron said Bopape had since marked an affirmation of obligation, earnestly promised to take care of the cash and had previously paid R1,000. He said the rest would be recuperated from her benefits reserve on the off chance that her excusal was finished.

Theron said the court shouldn't accept any bad deduction from Bopape's offered to land back her position as she was just practicing her sacred right by following each road available to her to guarantee that she was utilized on the grounds that she had a child.

State advocate Billy Moalosi rejected that Bopape was sorry. He said Bopape, who knew that she was trusted, realize that there could never be any doubt assuming she grabbed the assets. "Had this cash not been found, could the blamed have come out and admitted? Obviously the state had a solid case."Moalosi said a ton of arranging was engaged with the wrongdoing. "She needed to get an associate to co-sign the cash as she didn't have the position to sign out the cash alone. She misdirected the associate and put her vocation at risk.

"What will society say when they figure out that exactly the same individual who took this measure of cash from society has reapplied to be reclaimed in her situation?" he inquired. Theron requested a merciful sentence however the state called for detainment that would communicate something specific not exclusively to people in general yet to partners at the SSA.

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