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Truck Drivers Who Block Roads Must Be Arrested And Dealt With Heavily Says Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa has expressed his anger towards the blocking of roads by protesting truck drivers saying it leads to economic sabotage and the perpetrators should be apprehended. Ramaphosa said the truck drivers’ protest was one of the first things he planned to address on Wednesday, after coming back from his West Africa tour.

He's just pushing his agenda, he's a businessman and own mostly those transport companies that hiring foreign nationals, where there's a lot of foreign drivers know that the big ANC tycoon is a major shareholder on that company but we're not surprised cause everything that ANC touches die. Come 2024 will show you something Ramagupta.

such a complex situation,somehow it's a sabotage and unruly behaviour, transport industry drives the economy, goods and services (not locally but globally) as a leader he has no option but to call for order and punish the unruly behaviour and instruct the law enforcement to arrest the culprits. In conclusion it's not all about feelings and emotions but it's about what the law says when one want his or her grievances to be heard.

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