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Parade protest


Protesters outside Tshwane Municipality offices in Pretoria CBD ( Gauteng Province )

Mzansi citizens were left with fury after what happened at one protest, and what led to this end was unknown.

South African citizens are allowed to express their feelings, but only in an allowed and civilised manner. We have seen a tendency in the public of engaging a strike every time they are unhappy with anything that affects their lives.

A photo of workers who works at one municipality left Mzansi with their jaws dropped after what they did during their protest. Two women were spotted on the photo half dressed during this strike, and that was not something many were expecting to see. According to what we see, it seems that they wanted to get attention so that their cries would be considered.

It is alleged that these workers were demanding increase on their salaries. It is a shameful act these grown women were doing just to get attention of the management. Not only that, but it is better that they still have jobs to go to, unlike many other people who are sitting without jobs. What they did doesn't justify what they were doing to be right, but to make the woman figure look bad and tarnish their name.

They do have a right to protest, but what they did was uncalled-for. No person should act so indecent and embarrass themselves like this. Do don't only make themselves look bad, but the rest of the crowd at large. This is a bad thing to witness happen, more especially to see women do what they were doing.

Who could have thought a thing like this was even possible? Do you think they were in their right lane to express themselves this way?

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