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OPINION| Racists are on the loose in South Africa

It is amazing and shocking that black South Africans will still go and support businesses like Nando's South Africa who sponsor these racist shows, failing to link racism to why black South Africans go to bed on empty stomachs is simply ignorant and arrogant on the part of CliffCentral.As for black people who vote for the DA after all these insults, they are getting what they deserve. Racists are on the lose in SA they are even planning to make Western Cape an independent state, to my surprise there are also lot of fellow blacks who are even supporting that movement, it sounds unreal but with the current SA politics they might achieve their agenda no doubts. South Africa is still much owned by white people, racism is an everyday meal as long as you find yourself among them

Michael Dzinemarira Racism was never an issue in Zimbabwe post independence. What collapsed the country was Tribalism, and nepotism among other things. Incompetent cousins and nephews and brothers in law were given positions based on who they are instead of what they are. Bulawayo was the industrial hub of Southern Africa in the 70s and early 80s with experiencend personnel, and workforce. What happened. Those industries were moved to Harare so they could benefit a particular tribe, unfortunately those people there were incompetant and inexperienced, that's what collapsed the manufacturing industry in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe and SA are worlds apart when it comes to politics. In South Africa, racism is the problem in as much as tribalism is in Zimbabwe

They DA once put up a racist poster, but Gareth has a point on this one because it is a municipal election service delivery should be number one discussion, that means we should never get distracted by anything. I agree with Gareth on this one municipal elections is about service delivery

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