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South Africans In Shock As Mbalula Reveals Why Immigrants Are In SA And This Was Unexpected| See Why



It has now been a week since the country has been unfairly disturbed by the illegal immigrant's protest that is tired of voicing out their concerns. This is because the president of the country have been neglecting them for quite some time and this is something that the country wasn't expecting.

This is because immigrants especially people from Zimbabwe are seeking south African citizenship as getting a Zimbabwean permit is too expensive for them. This is because the majority of Zimbabweans in the country are all dependant on hard labor. This is because they are offered by their employees and most of them don't have access to acquire skills. By the look of things for them to get south African citizenship then it will mean that they will be entitled to gaining benefits is entitled to South Africans.

South Africans are now in shock as transport minister Fikile Mbalula reveals why the country is full of immigrants. This is because most people left their country for South Africa because of the lack of gaining benefits as they no longer have access to them. This is because their country president decided not to take care of them and for them to run away from their countries to south Africa was because they want something.

This can be said that South Africa is regarded as one of the beautiful countries that has the best resources that then rest. This is because most Zimbabwean people when they visit South Africa all aim is to put food in their mouth and this sois something they do every day. Fikile Mbalula was not happy when he heard that illegal immigrants have set alight eight taxis after what south African did to them and this is not good at all.

What is your intake on this and why?

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