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'This Is The Current Situation On The N1 On Ramp In Soweto

Protest Action and reports of violent protests on the Soweto Highway from the N1 on ramp, Emergency services have went to the highway in order to conduct the traffic that is found - this is something that was unexpected and was not announced by anyone and that is why many ordinary members of the public are just concerned about the other streets which are affected.

All services on scene, and the officials were seen asking the ordinary members of the public to change the way that they want to take and use another road.

It is quite apparent that the protesters are there for blood and they are quite determined to do anything in their power in order to get their point across, and be able to be get what they want from the officials.

However, the protests in South Africa are counterproductive and they usually affect more things than they necessarily solve.

The protesters can be very violent, and that is why many ordinary members of the public urged to be very careful on the road.

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