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Nigerians demand Ramaphosa to take tough action on Xenophobic attacks in South Aftica

The issue of the illegal immigrants in this country is till going to be a problem for the longest time. We know that currently there is a hashtag not to renew the work permit of the Zimbabweans but they are not the only immigrants who are in this country that contributes to some of the problems that we have in this country.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has been to Nigeria to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. Ramaphosa's delegation had very difficult conversations regarding the situation of how foreign nationals are being treated in this country. If we think that we will ever get the illegal Nigerians who are doing drugs in this country, we have something coming. It seems like some of the people who were delegating is the minister of transport Fikile Mbalula and we know that we can not trust Mbalula with serious matters. Just saw the way he was dancing there in Nigeria. It just tells you the whole story.

The Nigeria gorvenment want tough actions taken against Xenophobic attacks in South Africa but really, we don't know that they are talking about because South Africans are just voicing out their frustrations and all of the sudden it is regarded as being Xenophobic.

Nigerians in this country are taking over our cities. If you go to Johannesburg Hilbrow and Braamfontein, they have taken over. Most of the shops there and the salons are operated by them. When you are there you feel like you are a guest. As a South African, you should feel free in any part of South Africa and feel the sense of belonging but not in the places. You will definitely feel lost

One can only imagine what the agreement was when it comes to this matter, but we do know that the Nigerians interest in this country are well looked after.

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