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Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu was found guilty of 6 murders

The former constable Rosemary Ndlovu, who appeared to court several times for the accused cases of murdering her 6 family members finally unfolds.She appeared in court several times and the case was adjourned to the 14nth October 2021.We appreciate the court of law for doing their best in this case,Because finally she has been found guilty. A job well done by the whole team who was involved in this case from day one, and not forgetting the investigation team aswell for this amazing job well done. The former constable kept on denying all the accusations but finally there's solid evidence and unfortunately she's going to be sentenced. She was found guilty of several charges counting up to 20 According to the Judge.The charges includes the 6 murder cases. She was found guilty of 6 counts of murder,fraud, attempted murder and others amounting to 20.Murder of 6 people, Attempted murder of her mother, but not for her sister and her children because the Judge mentioned that the hitman did go to the sister's house but unfortunately they can't call it attempted murder. She was also found guilty of fraud, she defrauded insurance companies, Avbob, 1life,Old mutual, Clientele and Assupol. The judge mentioned other case counts that gave us the total of 20. While all those were mentioned, Rosemary was standing as instructed by the judge. Before all those she had asked to be excused. She was realy on fire, because her facial expressions said it all. She kept on breathing heavily as if she was going to pass out. But unfortunately she has to face the music. Her love of money brought her into this whole situation. This must really be a lesson to everyone out there who is planning, or doing such things. As they say "the hand of the law is very long" you can run but never hide. The law leaves no stone unturned. If you get caught you will definitely reap what you sow. The case was then adjourned to the Friday 05th November 2021 for the sentencing, while Nomia remains in custody of the police. With all this case counts she is surely going away for a long time. We won't be surprised if she's sick by the date of the sentencing because we know she's been acting up, playing hide and seek, during this whole process. We hope that the court will continue and the sentencing no matter what tricks she comes up with. The Judge also thanked everyone for their good work and dedication through out this whole process. He called them one after each other in recognition. It was a great gesture from the honorable Judge for recognizing each and everyone who was hands on during the Nomia case. This is what we need in our country. Fairness and recognition of a job well done. That is a great motivation to everyone even us who are just watching on our TV screens. We wish the Judge had more years to do this because this was pure excellence. It is indeed a calling as he mentioned. When u are called to do something, you do it with dedication and pride.

Well done to the Judge and the team.

As we await the sentencing..

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