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Family Feud: Battle between South Africans and Zimbabweans may be a fight between siblings: Opinion

It's not a secret that a lot of South Africans have got relatives that are in Zimbabwe, that is why you realize that in Zimbabwe you find the people with South African names like, Kekana, Hlabangwane, Khumalo, Ndlovu, Nyathi, Tau, Majoni, Ngwenya, Mkwananzi and also when you come to so South africa you find a lot of people that have the names that sounds Zimbabwean. People with name like, Manaka, Malema, Mashaba, Madhadze, Madau, Manyama and many more.

I'm not saying that they are no names or surnames like that in other African countries other than Zimbabwe. They do have them, but Zimbabwe being the closest country to South Africa, it has got the majority of the people that are from South Africa and South Africa got the majority of the people that are from Zimbabwean by origin. These 2 countries have been marrying from each other's families, and the relationship goes a long way.

A lot of Zimbabweans are sons in law to a lot of South African parents, and a lot of South Africans have got daughters in law that are Zimbabweans. So the relationship is just like that, and besides that they might be sharing the same ancestry. So the fight that is going on between these 2 nations could be a fight in the family, could be a fight between siblings. We all know what happens when we grow up with our brothers and the sisters. They will always be having that misunderstanding every time, some of these fights they even grew bigger to a point that siblings grow up without talking to each other. To appoint that they can even tell their children not to go to their siblings's houses, not to go to the sister's place or their brother's place.

They can even involve kids in that fight that the kids themselves because of the parents hate each other, they also end up hating their cousins. It happens that, it goes to such a point in certain families siblings don't want to see each other, to a point that one would tell the brother or sister that if they die, they would not go to the funeral. Even themselves would tell them not to come to the funeral when they are dead. So this is what is happening between Zimbabweans and South Africans, it is just my speculation. Remember there is a thin line between love and hate.

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