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Are Tswana, Sotho And Swati People Foreigners In South Africa? - Opinion

South Africa receives a large stream of immigrants from the Southern African region. As of 2019, the rate of immigration is still rising, and the female population of migrants is playing an increasingly important role in migration and settlement. The majority of immigrants are working residents who have an impact on a variety of industries in South Africa. This group has a wide demographic history, with the majority of its members hailing from Sub-Saharan Africa, pushing migration south. Since the 1990s, some have qualified as refugees.

 The current immigration policy is to maintain current immigration flows, despite the fact that the South African government has historically sought to restrict the number of immigrants. Since apartheid, several immigration regulations have changed. Some stances from the mid-to-late twentieth century, however, are still in existence, and xenophobia is rampant.

 Tswana people number 4 million in southern Africa, including 3 million in South Africa and 1 million in Botswana. Many Tswana dwell in South Africa's Bophuthatswana region, as well as nearby territories of the North-West Province and the Northern Cape, which formed several segments of the historic homeland. Tswana people can be found in almost every city in South Africa.

Although some Tswana chiefdoms are more highly stratified than those of other Sotho tribes or the Nguni, Tswana culture, social organizations, rites, language, and religious beliefs are similar to those of the other two Sotho groups (Pedi and Sotho).

 South Africa's Sotho ethnic community is believed to number around 7 million people, making them the country's second-largest ethnic group. Another 3 million or so people live outside of the country, primarily in Lesotho.

(Illustrative picture uses of Sotho people)

The majority of Sotho, Swazi, and Tswana people live in South Africa. Despite the smaller numbers of them in their own countries, some of them were born and bred in South Africa. So does that mean they are foreigners in South Africa or not? 


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