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Finally, Face of White racist who urinated on Black student’s desk and books exposed

The news that a white student had urinated on the books and desks of black pupils spread like wildfire throughout the internet yesterday, prompting a strong reaction from a large number of individuals, and particularly black South Africans. 

The identity of the young white man who displayed racist attitudes was kept secret during the entirety of yesterday, but it has now been divulged to the general public. 

Theuns Du Toit has been identified as the racist student at Stellenbosch University who urinated on the belongings of a black student. Du Toit's actions were motivated by racism. Since then, Theuns has been removed from their position at the institution. 

This is a very serious offense because it brings up the issue of segregation, which was once the primary living condition in the Republic of South Africa. During that time, white people were considered to be superior to black people, and black people were considered to be inferior to white people. White people could do whatever they wanted to black people. 

Imagine that after 28 years of democracy, something like this is still happening; this child has to serve time in jail for his behavior, which has left the other black student in severe emotional distress.

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